The complete guide to Copenhagen in 48 hours!


Christiania district in Copenhagen.

I always wanted to visit Copenhagen has always attracted me because of the “Hygge” feeling,  which I wanted to experience personally, so I decided to go for it! And I am going to show you that in 48 hours it is possible to get to see and do cool things in the beautiful Copenhagen plus giving you info about how to move around and how much will cost you more or less your visit so I will see you on the inside! 

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The Adventure travel show 2018-Who I met and more!

And the adventure begins at the “Adventure Travel Show”!

adventure travel show

On Sunday 21/01/18 I woke up at 8 am to get ready to go to the Adventure Travel Show in London, had a bite to eat and headed to the train station to catch the train to London!

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Best things to do in Canterbury!


Canterbury is a Cathedral city located in Kent, Southeast, England, its stunning beauty and Cathedral attracts lots of visitors every year. Canterbury has always a vibrant and cosy atmosphere, its cosy cafes…

If you are wondering what to do and see in Canterbury, then this article is for you!

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“Unleashing the truth” digital nomads: Ali Meehan

digital nomads, Spain, Ali Meehan

I am delighted to introduce you to Ali Meehan!  an entrepreneur that has travelled extensively for many years, moved to Spain a few years ago and founded one of the largest networking platforms for women all over Spain to connect and make friends,  she shares with us today her advice, story and tips…for these series of digital nomads!

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Digital nomads “Unleashing the truth” interviews!

Digital nomads
Some of the digital nomads you will get to know in these series!

Nowadays a person that travels and work at the same time is commonly known as a “digital nomad” despite the fact that this term refers to the “lifestyle” that one has because of the characteristics of the work, so that is, making an income by using their skills through a laptop or Continue reading “Digital nomads “Unleashing the truth” interviews!”