Alice Ford, sustainable travel expert Interview!

Alice Ford-Sustainable travel expert interview



Since being a little girl and going on adventures with her father, Alice Ford never stopped travelling and enjoy the wonders of Nature through hiking, vlogging… Today Alice shares with us, her adventures since shooting the UNESCO World Heritage series and her advice on how to travel more sustainably.

Alice Ford is an expert in sustainable, Eco-travelling, passionate for adventure, hiking and nature lover, plus being a professional stuntwoman working in movies and the founder of  “Travganic” , an online platform to find hotels, eco-tours and accommodations that are making a positive impact on their practices to the locals and are environmentally sustainable.

She strongly believes that travelling should be a matter of caring about the impact our travel has in the environment and the local people we meet on our trips.

Today I am so delighted to share my interview with Alice Ford where she shares her expertise, experiences on sustainable travel, nature, adventure, giving us tips and advice on how to have more meaningful experiences minimizing our negative impact as travellers and enjoying the wonders of the world through travelling.

Whilst travelling, how we can be more conscious travellers?

I think that travelling is a great way of helping communities, and the best way to do that is to travel responsibly so for example, volunteering, looking for sustainable places to stay, also doing things that give back to the community where they are.

A lot of people just travel and they only look for the things they are comfortable with such as McDonald’s and that to me is like “Why are you travelling if you are going to eat at the same place or a MacDonald’s”?

My advice is to get to know the people and places and spend your money in the local community instead of putting it into big corporations, try to bring something to give to friends and family that is not the same souvenir that we see in airports or big brands. This should be the rule number one when travelling to be more sustainable.

What are your thoughts about the latest over-tourism protests in Barcelona and in Venice?

I think this is really interesting, in the summer especially the big number of tourists have become almost unmanageable to the local communities; the locals feel that they are being kicked out of their own lands and makes their daily lives much more difficult.

What do you think is triggering this and how could it be solved?

I understand and feel the pain of these people but I think the important thing for these top destinations is to learn how to manage better this problem. I know that cruise ships are a big problem in top tourist destinations and I think they should start reducing and controlling the number of cruise ships that arrive at their ports or start working with the cruise ships companies to make them smaller and not too big.

I personally don’t like to travel on a cruise ship, it is not fun to see a place with ten thousand more people! {We are two then Alice!}

I think it could be an effective solution as to control how many cruise ships are allowed to enter on ports such as Venice or Barcelona.

How is Travganic contributing to a more meaningful/sustainable way of travelling?

Alice Ford Interview

Travganic is a hub for Eco-tourism, right now we have about 4,400 sustainable and green certified hotels, all of them can be booked by anyone in the world, I would say we have covered so far 8% of the countries around the world and we expect to continue growing.

We have teamed up with several green certification organisations and our aim to meet standards such as energy, water saving mechanisms and waste management so every hotel has to meet a bunch of criteria to be listed in Travganic as a sustainable accommodation.

Why did you decide to create Travganic?

The thought of founding Travganic was due to the fact that when I travel always try to look for eco-hotels or eco B&Bs, things that are more off the grid and trying always to give back to the local communities of the places I visit.

I couldn’t find any of these on the internet when I was travelling, hence I thought: I want to fix this problem by creating an easy booking channel to those that are seeking for the same as I am.

And I think people would be very surprised to know that there are many big hotels that are very sustainable, for example, they have good recycling practices, use solar energy, etc and I think is fantastic for people to know that there are other options when they travel.

What was your most memorable moment whilst shooting the “Unesco World Heritage adventures”?

Alice Ford Interview

Shooting the “UNESCO Heritage adventures” was an incredible experience! I travel through China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Australia, Bali, Malaysia and one of my favorite moments was in Kinabalu, Borneo, It was a two days hiking, we got to spend the night in the mountains…It was an unforgettable experience! It was so nice to see how well the locals were looking after the area and get to know a bit their culture.

I travel through China and Hong Kong, Cambodia, Australia, Bali, Malaysia and one of my favourite moments was in Kinabalu,  Borneo, It was a two days hiking, we got to spend the night in the mountains…

It was an unforgettable experience! It was so nice to see how well the locals were looking after the area and get to know a bit their culture.

It was so nice to see how well the locals were looking after the area and get to know a bit their culture.

A surprise!

Alice Ford’s  special invitation

I am thrilled to share with you Alice’s invitation to hike the Kilimanjaro Mountains in March 2018!

International Woman’s Day Expedition to Kilimanjaro

Travganic is teaming up with Eco-Africa, to hike the mountains of Kilimanjaro and Alice Ford will be one of the group leaders in this expedition for women to explore the wildlife and surroundings of this beautiful part of the world and dancing with the amazing Masai women in their villages.

An unmissable opportunity to have a meaningful and once in a lifetime experience!

Thanks Alice!

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Alice Ford Interview       Karem Ortiz.

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