Amazing places to see in England (South West)

Amazing places in England

Britain has amazing places to visit, and I am bringing to you today Newquay, Cornwall and the historic city of Plymouth in the South West of England. These locations are amazing places to see in England all year long!

Last summer, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cornwall and Plymouth, UK. I applied for an ESL English teacher position and was offered to teach so I say YES!  I can’t be happier that I did it!  Sometimes you have to say YES more and grab new opportunities that come your way.

Plymouth- Landmarks

Plymouth is a nice port city, the waterfront is the most beautiful part I would say along with the old town in Barbican. From Gin secrets and history, interesting landmarks and the amazing views from the Waterfront Plymouth is a great place to visit in England.

The Waterfront-Plymouth 

Amazing places to visit in England
Plymouth Waterfront has a huge Swimming pool to refresh yourself when is hot.

Walking and relaxing at the Waterfront, was without a doubt one of the best things I recommend. 

Amazing places to see in Britain
Stunning views from the Waterfront in Plymouth.
Amazing places to see in England
Another beautiful seaside view from the Waterfront.

Indeed, Plymouth is one of the most amazing places to visit in Britain, especially in Summer, it offers relaxation, quietness with a cosy atmosphere every traveller will appreciate, don’t delay it more and explore South West England in your next holidays!

I also had the pleasure of seating on a Ferrari whilst on my visit to Plymouth, the Ferrari exhibition was happening there and I thought: “Why not to try and smile to the organizers so they let me brag a bit about it hahaha” If you ever find this exhibition use your charming smile and for sure  you will be allowed to take a selfie like I did:

Amazing places to visit in England

The Old Town

In the old town, you will find the Gin Museum, a very cosy place with lots of Gin, antiques and the most famous cocktail bible: “The Savoy”! 

Amazing places to visit in England

If you are a cocktail and Gin lover and wish to impress your guests, you should visit this museum and get that book! It was only priced at £15, a bargain eh!

Amazing places to see in England
I found this a very interesting fact, it is good to know that Gin helped the English soldiers during the war with Holland.

In Plymouth, there is also a Cinema and a big shopping centre: The Drake Circus and although I am not really a shopping girl, it was nice to escape from the rain and have a nice cuppa.  A cuppa is a must as a British person would agree!

This shopping centre is within walking distance from the Waterfront, around 10 mins, so quite handy if you are looking for some shopping last minute or to escape from the rain that occasionally happens in the UK. 

Now,  let’s talk about Newquay, Cornwall 

I have to say that I fell in love with Newquay, it is only 1.5-2 hours from Plymouth by coach and once you arrive you have several ways of spending a relaxing day and breathe the waves of the beautiful seaside.

Amazing places to see in England

Where to eat?

There was a lovely cafe in the high street, “The Bunters” the owner along with the waitresses were very helpful and friendly and the vegan breakfast I had was very tasty so definitely I recommend them to you.  They cater for all, having British food,  vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Amazing places to see in England
Yummy vegan breakfast at the Bunters, in Newquay. Cornwall

Newquay is a small town but in the high street there are plenty of sweet artisans and I was really impressed by their passion for sweets and Fudge, very delicious treats for everyone so why not grab a nice box of sweets or fudge for that friend who has helped you in the past?

I am sure that will melt your friend’s heart 🙂 

   Amazing places to see in England

Sea time!

Amazing places to see in England

The walk along the coast was my favourite part of my visit to Newquay, although it was very windy I could enjoy it deeply.

Amazing places to see in England


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