Work with me


-Blog writing services for Businesses: Are you running out of time and feel that blog post are so much hurdle? No worries, I can help your business by taking care of the blog posts that will make your customers engage with the products you sell and you will have more time for yourself, a win-win for both 🙂

-Press samples: to try out new products but prior arrangement with my conditions first. I will be always honest with my audience when writing any reviews so this is a condition that you should bear in mind.

– Sponsored post: all sponsored post will be reviewed first and they will be clearly marked as “sponsored”.

-Affiliate links: I accept to work with affiliate links related to travel products, motivational and lifestyle such as vegan cosmetics, skincare animal friendly,tour companies, charming journals and notebooks,  just ask 🙂


To my fellow fans:

If you were to buy from these links I would be paid an small amount that I would use to invest on this newly born blog 🙂