Top things to do and see in Brussels


How I made the most of my stopover in Brussels with tips and recommendations.

With my lovely housemate Sophie who is from Brussels, nothing like wandering with a local :))

I was coming back from New York as I went to visit my family for Christmas and have a stopover of about 11 hours in Brussels!

The Royal Palace, Brussels

Brussels here we go!

I was determined to make the most out of it, lucky me,  my housemate who is from Brussels and offered to show me around and there is nothing like to wander around a new place with a local!

1. Le Grand Place, Square

Le Grand Place, Square

This is one of the most touristic places to see in Brussels, now it has positive connotations but in the past, many witches were killed here in front of the public. The architecture and beauty of the buildings surrounding the square is simply stunning, I felt like in a medieval era, it was a bit crowded, but I could manage to make several pictures to take with me and share with you!

2. Royal  Palace

Royal Palace Brussels
Royal Palace Brussels



I was captivated by the stunning green scenery that surrounds the palace, during weekdays the King works here committing to his royal duties but when he is on holidays, guess what???

You can go in for FREE!

Yes, for free, the sign will be the Belgium flat hanging from the top of the palace and that’s it! I hope you can tell us how did it go if you ever go in!

3. Christmas Market




The lovely Christmas markets are enchanting and have so many crafts, my favourite Christmas drink: “Mulled wine”, you can also find all sorts of food and goodies so come prepare and do some last-minute Christmas shopping!

4. The Royal galleries or Queen gallery 


The galleries have an incredible range of fashion, tapestry and the most claimed and famous high-quality Belgium chocolates. Below a Brussels unique and prestigious chocolate shop: Neuhaus

The best chocolates I have ever tasted in my life, Neuhaus shop, Brussels

I had the opportunity to try for free real chocolate made by artisans and believe me after this delicious experience chocolate will never taste the same anywhere else!

5. Wander around like a local enjoying the magnificent buildings of Brussels  

Without a doubt, wandering around Brussels is delightful and enchanting just simply because of the beauty of most of its building and here are some examples to show you:

Brussels Brussels

6. A delicious Brussels style chips! 

In the heart of Brussels and located within 5 mins from the Grand Place Square, many people gather and queue to get a portion of fried chips!

If you ever go to Brussels, you can enjoy a portion of chips and a drink for around 4 euros, this is what I had for lunch with my housemate.  It could save you some money as most of the food in the markets are a bit more expensive so it’s always good to know there is a cool place offering cheap and delicious chips!

You can see most of Brussels in two-three days; my layover was only 11 hours but I could see the most attractive places with my local friend and now I know why Belgians love their chocolate so much!

I think since tasting Belgian chocolate in Brussels, eating it elsewhere will never be the same! I got used to high-standards in chocolate!



Have you ever been to Brussels?

What were your favourite perks about this lovely city?

Your most recommended hotel, restaurant, attractions?

Please share with us your thoughts or Brussels experience! The good and the bad,  all counts!

Bonus reader:  if you are heading to Brussels check the Brussels tourism board, they have a lot of advice and an extensive guide to assist you with,  just click here  🙂

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  1. I’m heading to Amsterdam in March, and we’re thinking of hopping over to Brussels for a couple of days! I’ll make sure to bookmark this post to help with our planning!

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