Copenhagen Tips: how to save and enjoy your trip

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Copenhagen Tips

In this post,  I am going to share with you Top Copenhagen tips to show you that it is possible to get to see and do cool things in the beautiful Copenhagen with a short budget! 

Come with me on a 48 hours adventure in the beautiful Copenhagen!

Copenhagen tips
Having dinner with my roommates from Globalhagen hostel! A great atmosphere :))

 Copenhagen Tips to save money: 

I researched the price in local supermarkets and also on the high street retailer shops and I can say that if you buy your snacks in supermarkets such as Aldi,  (very close to Nyhavn in the city centre), then your money is going to last longer than if you purchase them in private retail shops.

As a general guidance, below snack pictures with prices:

Copenhagen tips
Who does not like Oreos? and they are vegan! 16.50= £1.96 a bit pricey, note that this was a local supermarket.
Copenhagen tips
Crackers, sweet treats…. in the local supermarket close to Globalhagen hostel.
Copenhagen tips
This is Danish bread, it is very tasty and I love it, not really expensive as you can see.

These products are from the local supermarket nearby Globalhagen hostel,   where I stayed, it was much cheaper to buy in the supermarket  than to eat out of course, but I still found local restaurants where you can get a nice meal for a fraction of the price, see below:

Copenhagen tips


This restaurant is approximately 15 mins away from the city centre and has a good price for a meal, even with a vegetarian option and much cheaper than in the food Markets.

On the other hand, Food Markets have lots of choices, Danish food and international food.  WestFood Market is the biggest food market in Copenhagen and I made a video to show you what you can find!

This market in Copenhagen has lots of food vendors and you can taste from paquistaní food to Mexican and Danish homemade food!  The lovely lady on the video is telling us what she makes in Danish style, a delicious lasagna that I did not try because I thought to head to Paper Island later on.

On the other hand,  I could not find any Danish drinks as you probably saw on the video, Lol,  but there were lots of options and a great news for vegans: they have several tasty options you can eat.

And if you want to cook at the hostel:

Lucky me, Globalhagen hostel has a kitchen and a lovely dinning lounge, where my roommates and I gathered to have a lovely supper!

We made pasta with tomato sause, practical, tasty and on a budget but if you want something a bit different and vegan, good news too!

Aldi, which is near Nihavn has vegan burgers and tofu!

Great eh?!

Copenhagen tips
ALDI-Vegan burgers and Tofu


Copenhagen tips for beautiful views of the city:

  • Christiansborg Palace:

Without a doubt, Christiansborg Palace is the best place to enjoy stunning views of the Copenhagen for FREE, yes exactly what you just read!

Copenhagen tips
Christianborg Palace, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen tips


Copenhagen tips

Amazing views aren’t they??

Copenhagen tips: Where to eat?

Paper island in Copenhagen, is a great food market worth a visit.

I enjoyed there a nice Korean vegan meal there but unfortunately,  I have just found on the web  that a new food market is being built there wit the name of “Refshaleøen” and it will open in Easter 2018. For more info click here.

Copenhagen tips
Tofu with veggies and noodles at Paper island, Copenhagen
Copenhagen tips
People enjoying their meals at Paper Island.

Christiania district-a must see in Copenhagen

Copenhagen tips
Colourful house at the entrance, Christiania district. Copenhagen.
A bit short for this hahaha

Christiania district was one of the nicest places I have been to in Copenhagen.

Its Atmosphere and its people were relaxing, approachable and although they trade “things” there all was under control and they were very respectful.

It is a quirky, hippie district and I loved the river behind it:


Copenhagen tips

Copenhagen tips: what to do

Copenhagen tips

I deeply enjoyed walking and eating my sandwich contemplating these lakes, it is something you can do on your visit and have a great outdoor experience. The good thing is that is very close to the city centre, so a good spot to take some selfies/or eating your lunch if is sunny.

In my opinion, there is no need for a Copenhagen bus card, everything is within 20-30 mins walking distance from “Globalhagen hostel”,  see all about this amazing hostel here. 

Unless you are very far from the city centre, I recommend walking around the city as you will not only save money but also will see the real side of Copenhagen and find interesting peculiarities such as bookshops with charming titles! 

Copenhagen tips

Charming eh?!


Or even find a nice Danish Bakery to have a cuppa :

Copenhagen tips


And that is how I spent 48 hours in the lovely Copenhagen!

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in England

To know where click  here


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  1. Such a helpful guide! I’m heading there late this year and I am adding this to Copenhagen to my tour. I might consider the hostel you stayed cos I need to cook my own meals due to health issues. Thanks for this! 🙂

    1. I am happy to hear that the guide is gonna be useful for you Janice! head to my post about Globalhagen hostel to know more about it 🙂

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