Digital nomads “Unleashing the truth” interviews!

Digital nomads
Some of the digital nomads you will get to know in these series!

Nowadays a person that travels and work at the same time is commonly known as a “digital nomad” despite the fact that this term refers to the “lifestyle” that one has because of the characteristics of the work, so that is, making an income by using their skills through a laptop or

commonly known as being a “digital nomad”.

Digital nomads mainly offer services as a virtual assistant, freelancing or managing their own businesses, web developers, translators, SEO writers, etc but  …..

What does really mean the term “digital nomads?

digital nomads

Digital nomads mean a lifestyle or way of living, is not a job nor is a category for those who work as a freelancer, or in other words, is simply working from home, café or co-working space, the only difference is that those who can work from home or anywhere can also work on the road, so that is going to a new location for a few months and be able to get tasks done through Internet, without the need of being based in an office or 9-5 jobs.

They can work from anywhere, although this is not applicable for everyone and circumstances may apply, I am only referring to the general profile of a digital nomad lifestyle and I hope these series help all those that are interested in sustainable living and having unique experiences whilst also making an income.

The main reason is that I want to unveil what does really entails having a digital nomad lifestyle, I have done an intensive research as this term confuses many when it comes to defining what really means, and what is not.

I could not agree more with Eden and Mike from Hobo with a Laptop in that many people are still confused about a digital nomad lifestyle until the point that sometimes this causes trouble and confusion, as happened in October 2014 in Thailand.

I am very motivated for sustainable travel, love to have experiences wherever I go such as learning new things, photography, yoga and know interesting facts about the cultures I visit, If you want to get to know me a bit more, I welcome you to the Story of this blog.

I have chosen to educate myself on this topic and have read tons of information on it that has been helpful to develop an in-depth understanding of this new trend, I was also confused many months ago, as I am starting in the freelancer world it is helpful to have clear what it is as it will be as it will be for my readers out there: You!

Who are you going to get to know in these digital nomad series?

digital nomads
Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash.

There is a bunch of lovely people around the planet who are living sustainably, having a digital nomad lifestyle, when I contacted them, all of them happily wanted to share their insights, stories, recommendations and advice on these “Digital nomads, unleashing the truth series” that I am so excited to share will of you since end of October.

They all, agree in that travel and work is challenging, nevertheless, they have learnt along the way. Some of them have set up their own biz or business, others have learnt how to make an income on the road whilst others travel as a  part of their work duties, etc. We will have interesting insights, advice, anecdotes and what is more important, real and honest stories from them all!

Among the interviewees:


Ali Meehan– Delights us with her story about how she started to travel due to her work as an Exportations manager, her unexpected move to Spain and why she decided to create a  free community for all women that want or are thinking to move to Spain. She will give useful recommendation and information to all on the interview.

Maggie Stara: An entrepreneur with a passion for travel, she started as a freelancer and never gave up on her dreams of travelling, Maggie brings to us the charm of working in your passions whilst travelling too.

Tomas Laurinavicious- An entrepreneur at heart and lifestyle coach, Tomas wants to encourage everyone to change their old habits and routines for the better and in the interview, he will tell you how!

Rafet Jrad- an entrepreneur who founded a co-working space in its home country Tunisia, his dream was to get to know the world better through hosting other “digital nomads”, he will tell us why and how he is achieving this on the interview!

Ronald Langeveld- A web developer, he started his journey in Asia too and since that he is craving for more adventures, plus sharing with others useful recommendations on how to start a sustainable lifestyle or digital nomad!


These amazing people and others will be at Travel Hunky Dory blog and each interview will be posted on a monthly basis.

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digital nomads

Thanks very much to all the interviewees for sharing their experience and helpful advice about digital nomads lifestyle!


See you all soon on this series!

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  1. I’m so exited to follow along with this interview series! I love hearing from other travelers how they make it work. I think just about everyone who likes to travel is interested in this “digital nomad” concept too.

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