Liebster award-for bloggers

Nominated for this awesome award

I feel really happy that I have been nominated for the Liebster award by the amazing Jenny Edwards, I am very grateful to her as a new blogger; Jenny’s  is a vibrant combination of travel,

vegan yummy street food, tips and more,  you should definitely head to her blog at

I have been given instructions to follow and the first one is to answer:

A set of questions-why I started blogging

  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?

The most I enjoy about blogging is expressing out loud my thoughts on every destination I visit or empowering content that pops up in my head.

When I publish a post I feel so happy and can’t wait to hear how useful it was for my readers.

  • What is your happy place?

I have travelled a lot in the last year, but I think my happy place is Canterbury. I love walking up and down the high street, enjoy the vibes of its beautiful architecture and Stour river plus sitting at Wetherspoon book shop with a  soya hot chocolate.

  • What is your favourite blogger?

I am only blogging since June 2017, and I believe all blogs in my niche have something unique and special, no one blog talk about the same, in the same way with the same style, so I don’t have a favourite blog and perhaps never will as I believe every single blogger is unique and deserves my recognition.

  • What is your favourite social media platform?

I love twitter and Instagram more than Facebook, on Twitter, you can connect easier with travel and empowering content bloggers whereas in Facebook you depend on a lot of regular posting, and paid ads. Facebook is great for events and small businesses.

  • What do you dislike most about blogging?

I dislike most the technical bits, such as fixing stuff around the blog, and checking if all is working properly, the good is that I have become more knowledgeable when it comes to manage those and can help others too.

My Nominees

-Wander to Beauty

– Live, adventure, travel

-Eats and jet lags

-Dream, do and shine

-Router, road, roam

-Almost nomadic http://Almost Nomadic

– All we do is wonder

-Weekend heaven

-City of hearts

Here are the INSTRUCTIONS nominees:

  • Include the person who nominated you, write a short description about her blog and a link to it.
  • Nominate other 5 or 15 bloggers for this award
  • Give new bloggers advice or ask them a set of questions

Questions for my nominees

  • What is your blog about and what is the aim of your blog?
  • What are the best plugins you are using?
  • How long have you been blogging?
  • What do you wish to see in a travel blog?
  • What is your favourite social media platform?

Advice for my nominees

– Blog because you love it and you can provide useful solutions to your readers

-Have fun and support other bloggers in your niche, why not share their content if you have like it?

I am looking forward to seeing your posts, with nominees, questions and advice!

let’s support each other and until next time all is Hunky Dory!

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