About me!

That’s a good question!

My name is Karem, I am a social media geek and passionate about traveling sustainably but wait a minute! what does that mean?

Travelling sustainably means:

  • You travel smartly, you go to places off the beaten path
  • You support locals traders such as local fruit and veggies market, local hostels besides they are cheaper and that means saving money!
  • You mix with the locals.
  • You try to give more than taking (being respectful of their culture, beliefs, sharing your skills)
  • You are resourceful, commonly known as being a “digital nomad” 

After spending the past few years working and behaving like an adult, Yes trying to fit in with a normal lifestyle! my itchy feet haven’t allowed me to do so!

What is the blog about?

Travel Hunky Dory is about meaningful and sustainable travel and inspirational content based on travel and getting the goals you want in your life by giving tips and advice based on my own experiences.

A series of interviews with digital nomads and people who are getting their goals will also be showcased on this blog as a travel and inspirational content to motivate others.

Will you make an income out of it?

Yes, I will be affiliating with sustainable travel related companies as this blog costs money so part of the money will be used to keep providing valuable and useful information to you because you deserve it, all for FREE.

And if you decide to support me and my blog you are Awesome as is this cutie 🙂

About me


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Will you provide honest reviews or advice?

Yes, I will provide honest opinions and advice of all the places I see or go 🙂