Part 1: Sustainable Traveler and Save Money Tips.

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Ways to be a more sustainable traveler

The interest in travelling is focusing on more unique and meaningful experiences, this is why I have compiled a list of TRICKS  to be a sustainable traveller!

Part 1: Tricks to be a Sustainable Traveler and Save Money!

The way we travel impact in every single aspect of the local economy and overall environment of the places we travel to.

Ways to be a more sustainable traveler
Photo by Slava Bowman/Unsplash.

It is not just about avoiding taking the plane and take a train, which by now I know, sounds a bit preachy, but is about how we look after the places we see, the locals, the wildlife and everything in between.

It is also about our level of consciousness in how we spend our money there…

Getting some nice handmade clothes is also great but exploiting or using animals for fun is not!

Donkeys, Elephants, Monkeys among others are exposed to tiredness, heavy lifting or heat on a daily basis by owners who are only looking to make a profit from them.

It is our responsibility to choose not to take part in such activities that cause harm to animals.

Look for example at the article written by “Going to Petra? 5 terribly reasons why animals suffer in the lost city

Ways to be a more sustainable traveler
Photo by Trevor Cole on @Unsplash.

In this article, you can see Donkeys, Mules and Camels suffer by carrying tourists on their backs whilst also suffering the heat and bad treatment from this activity.

It is sad and disgraceful but we all can help to change this.

In this post, I am taking a holistic approach to ways to be a more sustainable traveller as I do advocate for unique, meaningful experiences to make a positive impact when we travel.

1. Try to minimize your litter as much as possible

sustainable traveler

We all know that when travelling, lots of waste is produced and at the end of the day if we all don’t take care about this, we are causing even more contamination and dirtiness of all the places we go.

What would you think if somebody visits you in your house, brings lots food and other stuff…

But when they leave… Oh, Surprise! 

You find out that all of their mess is littering around your lovely lounge, kitchen, etc?


I bet you would feel very upset about this!  

The same feeling is felt by locals when you are overseas producing  littering in their parks, streets, common areas, etc

Be conscious of this always be a more Sustainable traveler 🙂

2. Get involved or organize a clean beach event

Sustainable Traveler

How many of us have travelled to countless of seaside locations and have felt disgusted by the amount of rubbish on the beach?!

It is time to be proactive!

Organize an event such as a Meetup or on Facebook and name it like this “Clean beach and lunch afterwards day out”.

It will likely engage others that are travelling alone in the area as well and yet all of you will be doing something to:

  • socialize
  • meet new people
  • do the good deed of the day

What a win-win eh?!

 3. Be a Sustainable Traveler by eating/drinking in Local Restaurants

  • Sustainable Traveler

This tip can be difficult sometimes, but it is very rewarding to know that your money goes to someone that is thriving to grow their business.

This for sure, make a positive impact that will for sure last in the local region you are visiting.

I have a couple of  app recommendations to help you find easily and quickly local restaurants: 

    • Happy Cow:  great for vegans and vegetarians, I have used it and is great to find local, vegan restaurants and is free to use. A great app to eat local, tasty, sustainable and cruelty-free.  Below the  Search box for you to get started:

HappyCowFind Veg Restaurants & Health Food stores nearby:

  • Too Good To Go: I have discovered it recently and this is an amazing project with an app to reduce food waste plus saving pennies at thousands of local restaurants and cafes throughout the UK and other European countries such as Denmark or Switzerland.

You only need:

  1. Download the app
  2. Order and Pay through the App
  3. Collect the food at the available times, (usually when the restaurants are soon to close, e.g. 4 pm to 6 pm or late night about 9 or 10 pm)


Ahh and don’t forget to share, sharing is caring and reducing food waste-of course!

Check it out and thank me later!

(Ps. I am not affiliated with any of these apps, I am genuinely recommending them without making a profit as I believe they are 100% worth it to recommend.  If it were the opposite,  I would also disclose it to you.)


  • 4. Whenever possible take the bus/train

This is a common one, you have heard about this a lot and actually it is one of my favourites! 


Number 1 reason. When I take the bus I can enjoy the scenery, stretch myself and even lie down with my cosy blanket if the bus is empty by grabbing the seats at the end of the bus. In my last journey.

I did this from Plymouth to London and who does not like to snooze when travelling?

Number 2 reason. By taking the coach, I do get a great deal in price that my pocket will be grateful for, If I am not in a rush then the bus is the best option to visit that lovely town or city.

Less Carbon FootPrint and MORE in my pocket yay! 

Thank you for reading! If you wanna know why I love travelling and blogging read here 

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