The Adventure travel show 2018-Who I met and more!

And the adventure begins at the “Adventure Travel Show”!

adventure travel show

On Sunday 21/01/18 I woke up at 8 am to get ready to go to the Adventure Travel Show in London, had a bite to eat and headed to the train station to catch the train to London!

I was sure that attending would open doors and that is why I decided to write about how my experience was and what you can expect from this amazing show!

1st STOP: Tansuo Cultural Travel Solution Ltd.

Adventure Travel Show
With Na and Madison. Tansuo cultural travel Ltd.

Adventure Travel Show


When I met in person the lovely Madison and Na,  we discovered that we got in common the fact that we love to discover places and have off-the-beaten-path experiences rather than being a “tourist”.

Although I have never used any of their tours and travel services, I could feel that our travel niches are aligned and I am really glad to have had the opportunity to attend the “Adventure travel show ” and get to know Madison and Na in person.

Madison has lived and travelled extensively in China for two years and her educational background is in Chinese studies, it is clear she has a real passion for the Chinese culture and wants everyone to enjoy the real side of the Chinese culture without breaking the bank. If you wish to know more about then click here.

2nd STOP: Bamba experience

the adventure travel show
Lovely guys from the “Bamba experience” they were very keen in getting to know “travelhunkydory”! A pleasure to meeting you both :))

Bamba experiences have lots of travel tours in over 75 countries, if I win the contest I will be going to Philippines, yay! hopefully I will, did you know about them? Have you ever used their services? Please share if you have done so!

An important question I am sure you all wanna know….

Is it worthy for a new travel blogger to attend the “Adventure Travel Show”?

Well, it depends on what your main priority is.

If it is to partner up with experienced adventure travellers or get to know, depending on your niche, potential travel companies to work with, then it is indeed good to attend. It is worthy to know which companies are aligned with your niche, as in my case is  off-the-beaten path experiences and  public speaking gigs about my local travels.

I got lots of contacts and I am faithful this is very positive  :))

3rd STOP: Exodus Travels

adventure travel show
OH! What is this! me wondering LOL, the lovely Ben explained to me how VR works!
adventure travel show
Ben smiling coz I understood! LOL
After introduced myself and my travel brand, Ben gave me a lovely cookbook with recipes from all over the world! Thank you Ben!

The virtual reality experience was a blast! and although I could not chat a lot with Ben, he was very kind and their adventures seem worth to try unless you already have done so? If so share with us in the comments below!

4rd STOP:  Colin Hales-Kr2 World Tour

Colin built its first aereoplane when he was 22 years old and now he teaches others to build for fun their own aereoplanes, I really liked his life philosophy in enjoying what you do, keep up the good work Colin!

Honda Adventure moment! 

adventure travel show


adventure travel show
With my new acquisition yay!

As you can see I got to hop onto a beautiful Honda!

5th STOP: Seminar with Dave Cornthwaite 

The Adventure Travel Show
Introducing myself to Dave! He is very warm and humble and willing to collaborate with everyone, it was a pleasure Dave!

Adventure travel show

In the seminar, Dave talked about how was his experience travelling and trekking in Ontario, Canada, he showed us the incredible journey he had, the challenges and difficulties but also the bright side of it all.

I was amazed by the camping sites Dave built and the stunning beauty of all those landscapes. It was definitely worthy meeting Dave and I hope to win the contest organized by Ontario travel to go to Canada!

adventure travel show
Dave and the Ontario travel team.

I also met the team at the SAY YES MORE stand:

adventure travel show

Cheers Dave Cornthwaite and hope to see you soon!

A bit of a ramdon fun moment: 

Adventure travel show


adventure travel show

adventure travel show
And there is me, enjoying my boat and being carried all over the show! yes!

And I was greeted by the coolest man from the adventure travel show!!! 

Adventure travel show

The end

I really enjoyed the Adventure Travel Show 2018, I would like to thank a bunch to all whom were part of my day and the organizers!

You are all amazing and if you still dont know about me  I invite you to follow me on my adventures!

I hope to provide valuable advice and insigths to all!

adventure travel show

PS. More information about the Adventure travel show here

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