No time/money for a holiday abroad?

4 affordable, idyllic locations in England to escape to!

Beautiful shot of the Canterbury Cathedral taken by my friend-housemate Francesca Green.

We all had had periods when we crave to go on Holidays to break the normal routine and here are 4 beautiful locations to unwind during your next holidays.

And because I have very itchy feet and cannot stand routine, I am always thinking about how many places are there to be discovered and hidden gems that are not known to most tourists. It brings me joy, satisfaction and what is more important “memories” to have when I grow older and can’t jump on a bus or hop on a plane!

It is a common belief that to go on holidays you need a lot of money to pay for expensive hotels, transport fares, for food and entertainment. I could not agree more to disagree with those who think that to go abroad you need to have a huge amount of money.

Well, let me tell you that is not true if you learn how to do it the proper way, like booking in advance tickets (at least 8 weeks in advance) or be willing to spend few nights at a low-cost accommodation such as hostels or Airbnb. Another alternative is seeking for seasonal jobs that allow you to explore the area in your free time plus earning a few pennies.

I have had the opportunity to visit in England 4 beautiful places on a budget and that are fantastic for a day trip or staycation:

Portsmouth UK 2012

  1. Portsmouth

I visited this water-front, lively city a few years ago and I love it, it was only a day trip but It was really relaxing to have a wander around its sandy beach and  “the Canoe Lake”: the Canoe lake and the beach were the highlights of the day for me besides the views from the cafes and shops.


It goes without a saying but I think I must mention that the best time of the year for a holiday in Portsmouth is during the summer, as you will enjoy more time outdoors walking and exploring this amazing waterfront city. Within 3-4 hours you will have enough time to wander around the beach, stop to have a drink looking at the sea, visit the  beautiful Canoe lake and enjoy your holidays!


Tip: if you bring your own packed lunch for a picnic on the beach even better to enjoy the breeze from the sea!


  1. Newquay, Cornwall



Sometimes taking up on job opportunities can lead to get to know unfamiliar places and enjoy a day trip to the nearest towns, that was my case this weekend, as I got a gig in  Plymouth teaching English, there are endless work opportunities that allow you to have a minni holidays too.

Newquay is a seaside town in Cornwall, South West England, two hours from Plymouth and 5 hours from London by car. This lovely seaside town is famous for its Cornish clotted cream, fudge treats and a great destination for surfers and whoever wants a quick getaway in summer. Newquay is known as one of the best family destination holidays every year so bearing that in mind I think I have been quite lucky to have had the chance to go there.

This lovely seaside town is famous for its Cornish clotted cream, fudge treats but it is also a great destination for surfers and whoever wants a quick getaway in summer.

Newquay is known as one of the best family destination holidays every year so bearing that in mind I think I have been quite lucky to have had the chance to go there.

The best spots in Newquay are the beaches and plenty of local trade shops in the high street, it was lovely to contemplate the sea from the cliffs getting some fresh breeze. The local shops were also worth a visit, I saw a lot of sweet treats,  a wide range of fruity jams with Champagne and other liquors that seemed quite yummy!

I also enjoyed a cuppa after shopping with my colleague at a family run cafe which name is “Bunters” It was absolutely smashing! the vegan sausages and mushrooms, the staff were lovely not to say perfect.




Both pictures: Tolcarne Beach, Newquay.

  1. Broadstairs


Broadstairs Beach, Kent.




Having a drink with a local friend from Broadstairs, Robin 🙂

This stunning coast line town is one of my favourites to visit as It is not only very close to where I live but also one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Kent, England. It is only 1.5 hours from London and 30 mins from Canterbury by train, so It is a perfect excuse for a staycation all year round.

I usually go to Broadstairs once a month to visit a friend that lives there and we usually have a drink at the Albion and then we go for a wander around town.

Broadstairs is a precious gem in Kent, an unmissable spot to unwind and enjoy time off.

  1. Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral

Picture above: Canterbury Cathedral

Without a doubt, Canterbury is the most beautiful town I have ever been before, I don’t want to come across as cheesy, but the truth is I cannot remember any other town that has captivated me like Canterbury has had. With its architecture, it is eye-catching for tourists and locals all year round and a perfect spot to have a relaxing holiday.

Canterbury is based on the Great Stour River, and It is famous for the stunning Canterbury Cathedral, the University of Kent, the Canterbury tales museum, not to say is the birthplace of a very famous good-looking actor, who can guess who I am talking about??


Yeah, correct! Orlando Bloom!

During a holidays in Canterbury you will enjoy a wide range of shops and excellent local restaurants where to eat, during the night clubs to go out for drinks, but if you prefer to sit under the sunshine, then head to the Dane John Gardens or Westgate Gardens, both situated within walking distance of the main train stations:

Canterbury East and West.

I have lots of memories in this cosy, beautiful town such as wanders around its streets in the afternoon or even during the night, nights out at several clubs, picnics at the Dane John Gardens and at the Westgate Gardens, volunteering at the local Citizens Advice bureau…..

Overall Canterbury it is a very special place and although I don’t know yet If I would live here forever, I will always have a place in my heart for it.

Canterbury Cathedral is an iconic, majestic landmark that attracts lots of tourists every year to the city, it makes Canterbury stand out from other towns or villages and attracts lots of tourists all year round.

The student’s graduations are very famous and magical that I bet every student is looking forward to it, once I was invited to a friend’s ceremony and wished that one day is me who is graduating there, seriously it is an unforgettable moment like in Harry Potter movies!



Picture above: taken at the Great Stour River, Canterbury, Kent.









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