Travel Budget-Here’s how in the Beautiful England

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Travel budget is easier than you think…

In this post ” How to Travel budget in England” I will show you how visiting England can be affordable.

I am sharing tips and 4 travel England destinations you can escape to for a wonderful yet affordable break.

I am always thinking about how many places are there to be discovered and hidden gems, but I know we need money! 

This is why I am sharing where and how to travel WITHOUT breaking the bank.

It is a common belief that you need a lot of money to pay for expensive hotels, transport fares, for food, etc.

Well, that is NOT  true! if you are a bit flexible with your plans…

My Top Tips to travel budget and in Beautiful England:

  • Booking in advance tickets (at least 8 weeks in advance)
  • Be willing to spend few nights at a low-cost accommodation such as hostels or Airbnb.
  • Seeking for seasonal jobs that allow you to explore the area in your free time plus earning a few pennies: TEFL English teachers is a great way I have done myself.
  • Use a travel coach service: saves more money than using train believe me :))
travel budget
Canoe Lake, Portsmouth, England.

Now: 4  amazing destinations to do Travel Budget in England

  1. Portsmouth

I visited this water-front, lively city a few years ago and I love it!

It was really relaxing to have a wander around its sandy beach and  “the Canoe Lake”

The best time of the year for a holiday in Portsmouth is during the summer, as you will enjoy more time outdoors exploring this amazing waterfront city.

Within 3-4 hours you will have enough time to wander around the beach, stop to have a drink looking at the sea, and yet travel on a budget!

PRO TIP TRAVEL BUDGET: Bring your own packed lunch for a picnic on the beach to enjoy the sea views!

2. Newquay, Cornwall

Travel budget

I was very fortunate as I got a gig in  Plymouth teaching English, there are endless work opportunities that allow you to have a mini holiday.

Newquay is a seaside town in Cornwall, South West England, two hours from Plymouth and 5 hours from London.
This lovely seaside town is famous for its Cornish clotted cream, fudge treats but also because is a great destination for surfers.

The best spots in Newquay  are:

  • The sea from the cliffs getting some fresh breeze.
  • The local shops were also worth a visit:  sweet treats,  a wide range of fruity jams with Champagne and other liquors that seemed quite yummy!

I also enjoyed lunch at a family run cafe which name is “Bunters”

It was absolutely smashing and affordable.   The vegan sausages and mushrooms UMM YUMMY!


Both pictures: Tolcarne Beach, Newquay.

3. Broadstairs

travel budget

Broadstairs Beach, Kent.




The pic above: Having a drink with a friend from Broadstairs, Robin who loves his wine LOL 🙂

This stunning coastline town is one of my favourites in Kent.

It is only 1.5 hours from London;  a perfect excuse for a staycation all year round.

I usually go to Broadstairs once a month to visit a friend, we usually have a drink at the Albion and then we go for a wander around town.

PRO TRAVEL BUDGET TIP:  Bring your packed lunch, then head to the Royal Albion Hotel for a glass of wine enjoying the stunning seaside views 😉

4. Canterbury

travel budget

With its enchanting architecture, tons of cosy cafes and restaurants for all tastes, walking trails…

 It is the perfect choice for a day trip or weekend and again on a budget!

Canterbury is famous for the stunning Cathedral, the University of Kent, not to say is the birthplace of a very famous actor… guess who?


Orlando Bloom!

During a holiday in Canterbury, you will enjoy:

  • A wide range of shops
  • Local restaurants where to eat
  • During the night: clubs to go out for drinks and have a really fun time.

Canterbury is a very special place that I recommend to all people to visit and immerse themselves in a wonderful experience, this  is why I decided to help by showing you around on a wonderful “Canterbury Fun Tour”  

As you can see, travel on a budget is not rocket science..

For more information about  Canterbury Tours –  Canterbury Pub Crawl tours click here


travel budget

Happy travel budget 🙂












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