Sustainable Travel tip + Save money-Part 2

travel tip

 And here the second part!


Of “Sustainable Travel and Save Money tips”

I am very excited to show you every single travel tip I use when I travel, to try to be a more conscious traveller and yet save money!

Travel Tip 5:  Save money and support local producers on Farmers Markets

In almost every town, a city there are Saturdays Markets or weekdays markets you can take advantage of, to eat fresh and local produced, plus saving you pennies for your monthly food shopping.

travel tip
In Lund, Sweden at the local Saturday Market. the lovely farmer was very nice and wanted a selfie with me 🙂

Eating well and supporting the hard work of local farmers is possible.

A win-win situation that you will be proud of for sure. 

Travel Tip 6:  Carry with you a bag-for-life for shopping and minimize plastic use

travel tip


The little you do is a huge step to not only travel smart but to reduce waste and just by carrying a bag-for-life, they are super small and fit anywhere.

And also, let’s not forget that you will save annually on plastic bags an average of £8. 

If we spend approximately 0.15p/week in plastic bags when we go to the supermarket…

That is:

0.15p*52 weeks that a year has= 7.80

In 5 years: 7.80*5= 39  

In 5 years you would have been able to save an average of £40, isn’t that enough motivating!!!

With that amount, you can buy a cheap return train ticket or coach return ticket in the UK!

So let’s get started to save and eliminate plastic my dear fans!

Travel Tip 7: Book a local free tour

On my visit to Copenhagen, I booked a free tour to wander and explore the city, it was great to know places like the “oldest street in Copenhagen” (pic below)

travel tip

The local guide was an expat, living in Copenhagen for many years but originally from the UK. 

He was very informative and friendly and the tour was based only on donations, which is great to stick to your budget and support the local guides.

Give it a go, get to know hidden gems whilst supporting these lovely local guides!

Travel Tip 8:  Choose biking/hiking to avoid using Animals as a means of transport or entertainment.

In countries such as Thailand and many others, animals are used to make a profit through tourism.

What to avoid

  • Paying to ride an Elephant or Camels in certain regions of Africa or Donkeys, Mules or Horses.
  • When you make a selfie with an Elephant or other animals for a small fee you are contributing to this cruelty practice.

The only way to eradicate this cruel practice is by not supporting financially these practices.

Meaningful and sustainable travel means caring about every single being you encounter on your travels and that includes these lovely creatures too.

There is an article written by the BBC, which shows the statistics on Cruelty practices on Elephants in Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal among others, check it out here.

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