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For Solo travellers or groups:

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Hưng Nguyễn

I offer tours on weekends to show you the beautiful, historical  City of Canterbury, within 1 hours from London by high-speed train and connections to the main London Stations (King’s Cross, Victoria)  you are welcome to visit and enjoy an unforgettable day with me.

The tour includes the following:

Canterbury Cathedral gardens walking tour (surroundings) if you wish and are willing to pay the fee then, we can go inside the Cathedral too but that is at your own cost and is not included on my fee.  The gardens are beautiful and you will have the opportunity to show off your photos through a selfie made standing next to the Cathedral.  Cool eh?

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Westgate Gardens: a lovely set of gardens and the stunning Stour river; If  is sunny we can do a picnic here, I love it!

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High Street Shopping: lots of shops including vintage and handicrafts, a great opportunity to support the locals, save money and grab a bargain!

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-Visit the Beaney Art gallery, library and museum:  with a nice cafe, you can enjoy a latte and read or see the lovely gallery upstairs with vintage goods. Definitely,  a good spot and one of the most visited galleries in Canterbury.

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Pub crawl beer and British Food tour: 

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The Parrot, an excellent English Pub, always pleased when I visit them.

In Britain, there is traditional food!  I know you have heard that here people only eat chips and fish but that is a myth, there is a wide variety of choices and pubs to enjoy, if you are vegan like me then I will show you my favourite restaurants too.  I will take you to the most typical British pub and you will get stuffed!  no doubt!

What is the price of the tour?

Depends on how many hours and how many people but the minimum is 2 hours,  does NOT include the pub crawl.   £199 up to 4 people, children FREE.

Paid by:

-Cash, once we meet at the starting point and BEFORE starting the tour. Please, only sterling pounds currency.

Ps, you can also pay by if you don’t wish to carry cash with you, just request what is your preferred method of payment. Please note that payment by PayPal needs to be done at least 48 hours before the tour begins in Sterling pounds.

If more than 2 hours and including the pub crawl: negotiable, just ask

I can’t wait to meet you and show you the city I have chosen as my hometown!

To my all lovely fans and users:

I would use the funds to invest in this new travel venture, and if is possible will get a sweet chocolate bar, hopefully not one but many bars:)

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