Canterbury Travel Tours-What to do and see

Canterbury travel tours for families and groups:

Join me for this fantastic travel tours around the medieval Canterbury, Kent, within 1 hour from  London Stations (King’s Cross, Victoria) and Gatwick airport

If you are coming from Dover Port here is the link to get to Canterbury:

Stagecoach Bus Dover to Canterbury

What will I see on the travel tours in Canterbury?

Canterbury Cathedral gardens  tour: 


The gardens are beautiful and you will have the opportunity to show off your photos through a selfie made standing next to the Cathedral.


Westgate Gardens: a lovely set of gardens and the stunning Stour river; If is sunny we can do a picnic!

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High Street Shopping:  I will show you my favourite shops that have lots of vintage, second-hand clothes, books plus handicrafts, a great opportunity to support the locals, save money and grab a bargain!

Beaney Art Gallery Museum: 

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The  Beaney Gallery offers a nice cafe, child-friendly you can enjoy a latte, read or see the lovely gallery upstairs with vintage goods. Definitely,  an amazing spot in Canterbury.

 How long does it last?

Estimated length: 2.5 hours

 How much does it cost?

Travel tours price: up to 8 people

 Are children allowed?

Yes, and children up to 8 years old FREE

£12 per adult.

 How do I pay? Do you accept Paypal?

Yes. Paypal payments will be accepted ONLY.

Please pay in £££ – 1 week in advance. We don’t accept cash.

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Pub crawl beer  tour: 

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In Britain, there is traditional food too!

I know you have heard that here people only eat chips and fish but that is a myth! there is a wide variety of choices and pubs to enjoy.

I will take you to the most typical British pub and you will get stuffed!  no doubt!


ONLY £19.99 per adult, what a bargain eh!?

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