6 ideas to earn money and travel


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I am not going to tell you that travel and earning money at the same time is easy because I would be lying, hence, why I am going


Smart travel, money…. 

I know and here is my experience

I am not going to tell you that travel and earn money at the same time is easy because I would be lying, hence, why I am going to only recommend ideas that have worked for me or that I trust because I care about you and wish somebody was there to advise me on how to travel and be resourceful.

There are several myths about how people who travel pay their bills at the same time, those people work their butts off! but nobody can’t see it because their posts reflect only the good side but there is also a sad side, especially when you travel alone.

I have tried myself almost all of these ideas or heard them from friends, there are endless alternatives out there, don’t give up if you want to work abroad, learn languages, etc go for it but do it wisely and save, save and save!

Remember when there’s a will there’s always a way.


  1. Customer service assistant at MacDonald
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This was my first job when I decided to move to the UK, back in 2012. And you remember what was going on in London in 2012??

Yeah! The Olympic games!

Due to this massive event, It was a huge opportunity for me to go to London and work for a few months, If you want to spend at least three months in the country of your choice I recommend it, you can work as much as you like and leave without having to give long notice in advance, depending on your contract terms of course.

If you want to spend at least three months in the country of your choice I strongly recommend this idea, you can work as much as you like and leave without having to give so much notice in advance.

Note: this is my personal experience and does not apply to everyone or every single MacDonald out there.


  1. Au pair
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Coming as an Au pair, whether you are a female or male, is also a wonderful opportunity to explore and taste other cultures, plus learning a new language.

My experience was very good, the family was kind and was no hard job, dropping and picking up the girl, cooking light meals for supper and tidying her room was all I had to do, I was lucky plus receiving a weekly pocket money of £80 a week.

I must say I had a fantastic time, I signed up for an English course with the money I was earning and I have free every weekend to explore London. If you want to improve or learn the language of the country you are going to, you don’t want to spend money in hostels and you like kids then you should give it a go.

I have heard very good experiences but also bad ones so I strongly recommend to sign up in places like au pair world which is free for au pairs, it is important you do skype least twice with the family, before deciding to accept or not, the most important is always to trust your guts, if you have a bad feeling about a family listen to it.

Au pair world:   https://www.aupairworld.com/en



  1. Teaching your language


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Whether your language is English or not, there are always people interested to learn other languages, my mother tongue is Spanish and I was teaching Spanish in Spain when I was living there to foreigners.

Here in England I have worked this summer for 3 weeks teaching English to French kids and I got to visit Plymouth and Newquay, so who does not like to travel and make money?!

If you are looking to teach English I have tried this website, It has plenty of  ESL jobs offers updated regularly:


Even if English is not your first language, if you are advanced and have a TEFL certificate, definitely give it a go! don’t get intimidated and try it out, if you don’t ask the answer will always be NO!


  1. Recruitment events & hospitality agencies


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Working in recruitment agencies while you travel is great! If you want to earn some money quickly and you have a formal, clean outfit and a pair of formal shoes you are in luck, as you will be attending an interview and training day, remember that appearances matter so never EVER show up with your dirty backpack!


I have worked in major events in Spain, London and Kent with agencies, so I do recommend it in any other country too as they can provide you with hands-on in catering experience, plus money along the way.


  1. Freelancing and travel
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Freelancing involves a vast variety of services, from the most experienced website developer to a simple translation of a text, but there are endless opportunities for those who prefer to work from their laptop and have language or another type of skills.

Personally, I am very keen on freelancing and I have registered in several platforms such as:



People per hour



You can offer your writing skills, your tech-savvy skills, your passion for translation, website developing, etc. I am sure everyone has a skill that can offer, don’t be put off if you are not an expert in the field yet.

I also recommend before offering freelance services, if possible, to brush up or learn about something you like, I have learnt about website basic skills, SEO and Marketing with Alison, an online educational platform and I love it!

There are amazing free tutorials on a wide range of topics:


Word of mouth is also a powerful resource to find gigs or even your dream job… you never know!

Furthermore, if you decide to stay for a while in your chosen destination, perhaps these ideas are good to keep you going and earn a few pennies!

Remember travel does not mean easy life, it means experiences, it means to grow into the best version of yourself and that requires effort but the effort will always pay off, trust me :))


Now, is your turn!

Have you tried any of these abroad?

How did it go?

What would you do differently?

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