Best things to do in Canterbury!

Canterbury is a Cathedral city located in Kent, Southeast, England.

Its stunning beauty and Cathedral attracts lots of visitors every year.

Canterbury offers a  vibrant and cosy atmosphere, its cosy cafes, pubs, gardens…

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Canterbury is one of the best locations to relax and unwind from a busy week of work for sure.

Why should you visit Canterbury?

When you are wandering around the streets of Canterbury, you feel like you have travelled back in time to 100 years ago, feeling like being on a fairy tale!

Plus, to me living here means that I can enjoy quietude and bit of social life, less than 15 mins walk from my house, and that is something you won’t be able to have if I live in a big city where everything is miles away.

How can I go to Canterbury?

It is very easy to come to Canterbury from London, if you live there or are travelling you can take the coach, which is much cheaper than the train or by train if you book online to get a good deal of around £25 return on the same day.

There are also good connections from Brighton, Gatwick airport and Dover port if you are arriving from abroad, so there are no excuses to not visit Canterbury LOL

 How to go to Canterbury from London by Coach:


National express or Megabus  are the ones I recommend, if you prefer to take the coach, their customer service is excellent and they are very reliable with times and dates and one of the cheapest coach services in the UK, plus you can get plenty of room to stretch your legs if you board on time, so try to be one of the first passengers in the queue ?

How to go to Canterbury from Gatwick Airport by Train:

Buy tickets online to find the cheapest prices, Trainline and Raileasy have good offers, but remember to be flexible on your chosen days of travel.

How to go to Canterbury from Dover town:

If you just got off the ferry in Dover, then great coz…

There are buses and trains, I recommend taking the bus as you will able to enjoy the lovely green scenario that characterises Kent and what a great way to see it by sitting next to the window of a bus don’t you think?!

The bus is 15, 15A and runs regularly from Dover town, only 10 mins walk from Dover port and easy to spot or if you get lost just ask, there are lovely locals around that will for sure lead you in the right direction.

You can find the timetable of the bus to Canterbury here

Now that you are on your way…

I am going to walk you through the best things to do in Canterbury:

  • Enjoy a walk through the stunning Westgate Gardens

    This is definitely one of the best things to do in Canterbury, whether is in Summer or in Winter, hot or cold, a walk through the Westgate gardens is what you need to unwind. You have also plenty of nearby restaurants and pubs to go afterwards and enjoy!

    In summer, one of the best things is to bring my own lunch or early dinner to do a picnic on the grass, whether with a friend or myself,  simply connect with nature whilst eating healthy yummy food! Bring your little ones and show them that the best things in life don’t have to be always eating in an expensive restaurant or spending a lot, they will thank you later I am sure :))

Best things to do in Canterbury
Picnic last summer with delicious avocados, cherry tomatoes and slices of bread, who is hungry now?! 
  • Visit Canterbury Cathedral!Canterbury

I think this comes without a saying but if you have been in Canterbury and did not visit the Cathedral, then you missed a lot!

One of the best things to do in Canterbury is to see the majesty of its Cathedral, walk through its corridors and appreciate the peacefulness and story that its walks transpire, certainly, you will be alive and amazed afterwards.

  • Check out the Westgate Hall local market!

    best things to do Canterbury
    This lovely lady is a local trader designer, her scarfs were so beautiful as you can see, they are made from silk. Thanks, Lily!

Today I went to the local Etsy market, organized by the Westgate hall, which is a space for the local community to support local traders or businesses, there is always a wide range of events going on: Saturday markets, Christmas markets, Kent vegan festival, music and cultural events, etc.

Today, at the Etsy fair, I encountered lots of Christmassy gifts, candles, jewellery, even Christmas gifts for your furry friends…


Awww I bet they would be so joyful if you get them one of these:

Best things to do in Canterbury


If you are coming, check their Facebook page as all their events are posted there, I recommend it because is something out of the normal touristic things to do in Canterbury, plus you can grab nice and unique Christmas presents that will melt your loved one’s heart!


Etsy fair at the Westgate hall Market, December 2017.
Etsy fair at the Westgate hall Market, December 2017.

If you want to grab one of the classy, elegant clock and wooden desk calendars (above) you can do so at the Christmas Whitefriars market, just opposite Tesco until the 24th of December every year.


Enjoy a lovely meal at a local pub

    • Best things to do in Canterbury
      The Parrot, one of the classical pubs in Canterbury among others.

      Eating or drinking at a local Kentish town pub, is a must do if you visit Canterbury. I have enjoyed almost all!

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