Andrea, a location independent vlogger with us today!

location independent

Andrea shares today with us her story and wisdom on how to become a  location, independent traveller!

Since a long time, I have been following Andrea on Facebook, and I found her really inspiring to other travellers like me that are looking for realistic expectations,  so I invited Andrea to share about how did she started, which challenges and good things are part of being “location independent” and how other people like you and I can do it too!

  • As a digital nomad, how have you managed to work and travel? Which sources of income have you generated due to being location independent?

    When I started as a digital nomad, I was still trying to figure it out how it works and how exactly you transition from having a regular job to being completely remote or location independent.

    I was still working in a photography company in Hawaii so basically, I just made my job into a “remote job”. When I quit my job and started as a traveller, I had plenty of time to work on my side gigs such as Travel O.D. which is a video vlog where I showcase videos, I give also tips and feature other digital nomads.

    I even started a cleaning business, which is completely different to my set of skills, but it is an example of how sometimes you have to get creative to get more experience, especially when you are a digital nomad.

  • Could you please give us tips on how to vlog and make engaging videos for our audience?

location independent

I think the first thing is to figure out what your skills are and what would you like to do.

For example, I do not love blogging but still I acknowledge is important to tell what you are doing so I do “microblogs” but I focus on what I like and what I am good at which is making vlogs where I can give advice and feature other people etc.

If you don’t like writing and taking pictures, don’t get into blogging, there are many things that anyone can do to make a living and work for themselves, but the most important is to do something you like and match your skills.

Is vlogging for everyone?

Vlogging is not for everyone, so you have to figure out if is for you. If you don’t like being in front of cameras and talking to cameras then you might not succeed as a vlogger because vlogging requires a lot of work and hours of editing.

If you don’t like being in front of the computers for hours then it will not work because editing is a very time-consuming process.

Another thing is to take into account if you are a good storyteller and you have enthusiasm after you make the vlog you still have to figure out ways to promote it!

location independent

Summarizing,  you have to like social media, marketing, you have to sell yourself and learn about using social media, its tricks and how to make the most out of it.

  •  What do you think are the most common pitfalls of being location independent or being a digital nomad?

location independent

 I do not find a lot of downsides, of being a digital nomad or having a “location independent lifestyle”. It means freedom to me and I am so grateful to be able to have this lifestyle, so I can’t really find a lot of pitfalls.

It can be lonely for some people, but I love being by myself and when I want to be with people I go out and socialize.

I do think for example that if you move too fast, from place to place, that can be negative because you might get burn out or you might spend too much time organising the trips or organising where you are going to live.  I tend to travel really slowly and move every 3 or 6 months so I save lots of time trying to find an apartment.

  • Are there any step/steps to follow to get work on the road? what do you recommend?

    Having a great online presence is very important.

    If you have great profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc for everything then you will have occasionally people coming to you, which is the ideal.

    However, when we are starting out, of course, we can reach out to people, get creative and reach as many companies, individuals you would like to collaborate with.

    For example, you can reach out offering help with their online presence by taking photos and uploading content to their social media channels, the main thing is to get creative!

  • And how can new travellers, digital nomads reach out to potential collaborators?

    Researching as many companies, businesses and individuals that you would like to collaborate with and you reach out to them through Instagram, Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.

    With some people is going to work out and get collaborations, with others you might get a networking opportunity, some people will not reply at all but that is why you just have to keep trying.

    Keep contacting people telling them what you can do, not only focusing on what you are looking for, if you start telling them only I am looking for, I, I, and I, they will be like “Ok, but what can you offer me”??

    Thanks, Andrea!!!

And if you are still wondering what to do or how to do earn money whilst travelling check out my article about  Ideas to earn money and travel!

Are you a digital nomad? Would you like to be featured in these series of interviews? Have you ever been location independent?

If so, leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can!


 location independent

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