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digital nomads, Spain, Ali Meehan

I am delighted to introduce you to Ali Meehan!  an entrepreneur that has travelled extensively for many years, moved to Spain a few years ago and founded one of the largest networking platforms for women all over Spain to connect and make friends,  she shares with us today her advice, story and tips…for these series of digital nomads!

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Ali Meehan, digital nomads, Spain
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For many, working online and travel is a new concept that causes confusion, some call those digital nomads but the reality is that those who work and travel have a digital nomad lifestyle and this is what we are going to cover today with Ali, she is very eager to provide us with guidance and advice plus sharing why she moved to sunny Spain!

As a digital nomad, how have you managed to work and travel? Which sources of income have you found/created during your travels?

I’ve been quite lucky in a lot of ways, I started with a company at the beginning of 2000, that needed me to work from home, which was quite unusual in those days, but my job before that was being an export manager so that also required me to travel and being a digital nomad, in those days was almost impossible to be wireless and find internet and dealing with those big phones we used to have.

But nowadays, is much easier to be a digital nomad, you can share files and have all your documents in the cloud and not have to carry them and also get a lightweight laptop to carry with you and that goes a long way to collaborate with people as well.

I remember when I started, I had to make sure that my house was very near to the post office because that was the only way to get internet, but now is very easy to get Wi-Fi, in Spain you get like 300 fibre optic broadband.

Why did you decide to move to Spain?
digital nomads, Spain, Ali Meehan

I did not know anything about Malaga, I visited once with a girlfriend but I met my husband who was already living in Spain, in Fuengirola, but Spain was never really on my radar.

I always thought it was going to be France because I used to spend a lot of time during the summers there so it is a pleasant surprise to me.

I actually thought that Malaga was going to be a bit like Margate in Kent with lots of parties and holidays but most of the tourist here are Spanish except in winter when there are lots of Scandinavian tourists trying to escape their winter.

I remember when I was visiting Malaga, I came across a networking site for women: “Costa Women” as the founder, please tell us about it.

digital nomads, Spain, Ali Meehan


I decided to create Costa Women because I wanted to have female friends, so I build it around my own need and when you build a business around a need it makes so much easier because you know what the problems are. In my case, I moved here in 2002 and back that time there were not Facebook or twitter so it was harder to make friends, especially because I was working from home as a nomad.

So, I created Costa Women to share my skills, my career, support other women that want to move to Spain and make friends.

Currently, there are nearly 6,000 members. Among the members, we have women that are in business, women that have children, women that are single, and what is most important we have got women from all over the world so there are more than 30 nationalities among the members.

digital nomads, Ali Meehan Spain


Me: This is great!!!  I wish when I was in Malaga studying there was a networking platform like Costa Women as it is completely free, especially for digital nomads that are looking to Network with other like-minded people.

Which recommendations could you give to travel smartly and make an income at the same time?

I would advise to do a lot of research before you go to a country in terms of good connection to the internet, because obviously that is important to your job but also to find communities of people that are living there, for instance on Facebook groups, so people that live in the area you are moving to.

You can also use social platforms like meetup, where you can join groups that are in the area you are going to get an insight of how is life really like and how you can best use your time whilst you are travelling in that area.

Video Interview! (How I am spoiling you eh!)

I hope you found this interview of value and that Ali’s story, advice and recommendations has inspired you to travel and be a smart traveller whilst having a digital nomad lisfestyle!

And if you want to find out more about Spain head to my article about my experience living in Spain!


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