Globalhagen hostel, a unique Jewell in Copenhagen!

Globalhagen hostel CopenhagenI am thrilled to introduce you to Globalhagen hostel today! I wanted to see this cool hostel and stay there for ages so I contacted Alexander Truelsen, the fundraising manager so I went to Copenhagen to interview him and REVIEW this amazing hostel…….. VIDEO interview (scroll down) or read,  whatever you feel like 🙂

 A bit of what is Globalhagen Hostel like:

Globalhagen hostel Copenhagen

Globalhagen hostel is eco-friendly, built with recycled and donated materials, non-profit, and volunteer-driven located in Copenhagen Denmark.

Mellemfolkelig Samvirke/Action aid Denmark founded the hostel with the purpose of supporting children and families in need around the world, the hostel is only two years old and is continuously growing, putting the maximum effort to be sustainable in every way possible.

The hostel is located right in the middle of the vibrant neighbourhood of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where lots of cafes, pubs and entertainment are within a few minutes of walking distance, the city centre and the beautiful lakes in Copenhagen

What can you expect at Globalhagen hostel?

When you arrive at the hostel you will find a lively café, which is also part of the hostel Cafe Mellemrummet where you can enjoy a hot drink or a beer, whilst also meeting people from all over the world, this is also a place where lively events organized by the volunteers take place such as cultural and musical dances, talks and stand-up comedies, etc

Globalhagen hostel Copenhagen
Amazing Tequila and organic made by amazing volunteers Krisztina and Josey.

Globalhagen is a unique hostel as you can rest assured that your money will make a huge difference in other people and children’s lives around the world.

The hostel has a big kitchen and a nice lounge to make and enjoy a meal like me with my roommates,  plus saving you money as Copenhagen is not cheap! Picture below for attention ?

Copenhagen, Globalhagen hostel

On the other hand, the toilets and rooms are nice, spacious, clean and you get clean linen every day and to show you that I made this video  where you can see how a room and installations are like at Globalhagen hostel:

If you are lucky during your stay you may be able to attend their music and cultural live events and make new friends!

Some of the events that Globalhagen hostel organize are:

Globalhagen hostel Copenhagen
Pride of Nørrebro, pictures taken by Michael Parly.

Interview with Alexander Truelsen, Fundraiser and Campaigns officer of Globalhagen hostel:

Globalhagen hostel, Copenhagen
Interview with Alexander Truelsen at Cafe Mellemrummet, Globalhagen hostel, September 2017


How was born the idea of creating a hostel non-profit, volunteer-driven and eco-friendly?

The hostel was born two years ago, although the café has been here for 7 years, the hostel aims to bring people from all over the world together, have a space to develop new ideas, events that are fun and some are about social, political, etc. We wanted to create a place to change the world into a better place.

We developed the idea as we moved along, it was my manager idea, we are trying always do things better and always learning as nothing stands still at Globalhagen hostel, everything is always in motion.

Which projects is Globalhagen supporting around the world currently?

We support several projects and when I say “We”, it is actually the volunteers who choose which project they want to support. Now we are running a project in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. With the money from the hostel, the aim is to install a computer lab to enable local activist to train and give training to all other activists from all other regions of South Africa.

This will be a space where they can learn on how to confront/talk with corrupt leaders in a democratic and peaceful manner, with the aim to help them to make their society better through effective leadership practices.

Soon, we are going to have other projects, the volunteers will have three to choose from, one in El Salvador, Myanmar and one in Uganda. Is all entirely up to the volunteers, they work hard every day, all the decisions are taken when the volunteers agree in unanimity and this is very important for us.

Globalhagen hostel, Copenhagen
Anna and Johanne-volunteers at Globalhagen hostel. We had a great time at Cafe Mellenrummet during my visit! Thanks girls!

GH hostel is made of recycled material, so please tell us about GH sustainable and ethics values:

Two things to say about that, firstly we strive to be as sustainable as possible, using little water, electricity, heating, recycling our rubbish, we also have been awarded a silver medal from the  Danish Council for our efforts in being sustainable.

We also use Fairtrade products like the chocolates that we serve with our hot beverages or the coffee so building Globalhagen hostel was easier as we have this way of thinking running only the café.

The second reason is that we want to save as much money as possible to be able to send to the countries we are supporting to like Zambia and South America.

Which opportunities does Globalhagen offer to travellers in terms of volunteer opportunities?

Globalhagen hostel Copenhagen
Volunteers at the Copenhagen world Festival 2017, Welcome to India party, shame I miss it!!!

Anyone can volunteer here, there is no need to know Danish as we all talk in English but you have to be active, you can’t say you are volunteering here and just drink beers, you have to take responsibility together with all the other volunteers to run the café and hostel.

Through volunteering at the hostel, volunteers have the opportunity to meet and make friends with people all over the world, we got more than 30 nationalities so is a great way to meet people plus supporting a great cause!

To summarize we are a social business that is interested in people and we do everything from the heart, we encourage other business to think alike and start creating businesses off the normal path.

 Bonus! Enjoy the video Interview!

AnD if you go to Globalhagen hostel you could try the Palestinian beer!

Globalhagen hostel Copenhagen

I am so happy to have shared with you this interview and all about Globalhagen hostel!

Have you ever been here?

Are you looking forward to supporting this wonderful hostel whilst also saving on your visit to Copenhagen?

Share and leave your comments below 🙂 

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  1. Thank you Karem for sharing your insights on this Hostel. I looked around different “travel rated” sites for reviews on different hostels in Copenhagen and found yours to be the most informative and actually helpful. I am looking forward to my trip and definately will share my experience staying at Globalhagen Hostel.

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