Top 10 travelling tips I recommend to you!

Travelling tips

I wanted to share with you useful travelling tips that I have learnt from others or that I have tested and tried myself, but as I know it could be a bit daunting to read ten tips in a row, especially when you are at work or tired, I have created this ” Travelling tips infographic” so you can easily do some skim reading and save it for later!

You can’t say I am not thinking about you eh!?

 Travelling tipsTravelling sustainably whilst also saving yourself headaches is key to enjoy your trip!

Travelling tips 1: travel adapters

Travelling tips

We all know we can easily forget our adapters at the hotel, hostel or wherever we are staying, and is not pleasant at all, I hate myself when I found out I have just forgotten something during my trip, even if is not that expensive still sucks, so to keep your sanity is better to carry a couple of adapters per gadget.

Travelling tip 2:  be wary, especially in bus and train stations

travelling tips

As much as we would like everyone to be like us, we must be wary in these sites, I have heard that many travel bloggers have been robbed in bus stations and train stations, the thieves take advantage of these places because those places are usually crowded and even if there are CCTV cameras it is very difficult for authorities to identify them. The only solution is to be extra careful!

Travelling tip 3: back up your files, at least once a day

travelling tips

In almost everywhere there is a MacDonald with WiFi, if you are taking lots of pics, doing work online, blogging or writing for work purposes, the best you can do is to back up your work as soon as you can, do never assume your files are going to be safe, travelling entails surprises, changes, and unexpected outcomes so just be prepared and all will be Hunky Dory!

 Travelling tip 4:  tip your waiter/waitress

Oh, those lovelies waiters!

Travelling tips

I am a waitress during the weekends, in the hotel where I work I end up giving tons of recommendations and tips.

When I travel that happens to me but the other way around! where to find the cheapest supermarket, directions or the best way to get around by my lovely waiter or waitress, usually they know the place very well, even if they aren’t locals so next time **try to be generous with your tip.

**In Asia, for example, is rude to tip the waiter, strange eh? If you are unsure check this article from Daily Mail UK: How much you should tip your waiter around the world

Travelling tip 5: get a cash multi currency passport or card


I used it the first time when I went to see my family in South America, it was safer than carrying 100 dollars in my pocket, so It is worth for me to recommend it as it can save you a lot of money plus is a good practice to protect your money. Banks charge a foreign fee everytime you use your card, imagine to be charged every single day, it will add up at the end and quite a bit!

I usually get my card in the UK from Sainsbury’s, a nationwide supermarket, if you live in the UK perfect, if not try to find something similar on google, for example: ” multi-currency passport card in {your city} otherwise make sure you get some travel money for the first and second day at least (like me on the picture above!)

Traveling tip 6: pack a couple of layers

Depending on the length of your stay, pack at least a couple of layers on your bag, I usually get cold in the evenings and during a trip by plane or train so if it get’s cold don’t be cold my friends!

Travelling tip 7: Pack basic painkillers

travelling tips

When I was travelling across Germany and France, the prices in the supermarkets were a bit more expensive than in the UK,  so it is worth it to bring Paracetamol and Ibuprofen at least, I even recommend to bring your own shower bar and shampoo!

Travelling tip 8: Put your valuables in different bags

Travelling tips

It is smart to place your valuables in different bags, I do carry my cash card, passport and phone with me on a belt bag, my laptop and chargers in my backpack, and the clothes in my hand luggage.

Travelling tip 9: stay with locals, if possible, or  use local Hostels/Airbnbs

Travelling tips

This is the best way to get to know better a country, or a country’s region, as is not the same to live in the south of England than to live in the north.

I have been told that the north of England is much more friendly and cheaper, so there are differences within any country and if is the first time you are stopping by and you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know me and the way I like to travel and inspire others then head to Travelling and the story of this blog

If you stay with a local you will get a better insight of the customs. Airbnb is also great, is different from Couchsurfing but if you are lucky and the host is nice you can get advice from them and perhaps even share a nice meal together, that would be very nice wouldn’t be?

Travelling tip 10: FREE walking tours!

Travelling tips

I love this one, and I think is my top tip, I have never used them but on my next trip, I will look for them as once somebody told me there are free walking tours in most countries.

I do like to wander on my own but when I miss the interaction with other human beings and not only be glued to my laptop or camera, I like to look for groups or meetups and if you are travelling on your own this could be a good way to meet people.

Now is your turn!
What are your top travelling tips?  Have you ever tried any free walking tours? if so, where?
I am so curious to know which other travelling tips you use!
Have you ever used a cash multi currency card? Where and how did it go?
Let me know by writing your comments below!


Ps: Please share with your friends and social media channels if you have found these travelling tips to be useful  🙂


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