Meet the travel blogger; lets have fun!

A Travel blogger with Zest and passion for Canterbury and for all things travel ­čÖé

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My name is Karem, I am a travel and marketing geek passionate about travelling sustainably but wait a minute!

What does that mean?

Travelling sustainably means:

  • You travel smartly, you go to places off the beaten path
  • You support locals traders such as local fruit and veggies market, local hostels besides they are cheaper and that means saving money!
  • You mix with┬áthe locals.
  • You try to give┬ámore than taking (being respectful of their culture, beliefs, sharing your skills)

After spending the past few years working and behaving like an adult, yes trying to fit in with a normal lifestyle! my itchy feet haven’t allowed me to do so!

But for now I have fallen in love with Kent, in the UK and I am here encouraging everyone to come and join me for A Fantastic Canterbury tour or Pub Crawl Beer tour!

What is the blog about?

This blog is about sustainable travel and Canterbury travel tours.

Will you make an income out of it?

Through the Canterbury tours and Pub Crawl yes,  as this blog costs money so part of the money will be used to keep providing valuable and useful  travel information to you because you deserve it, all for FREE

travel blogger
In Lund, Sweden at the local market getting fresh grapes :))


As a travel blogger and marketing strategist, I want to work for the best interest of the travel industry:

Being sustainable and caring about how travellers can get the most out of their experiences, connect with the world….

Having an amazing experience is my mission to you.

travel blogger
The Stunning Westgate Gardens, Canterbury, Kent.

For more info about the Canterbury, tours click here.

And if you are wondering what to do or see in Canterbury, I wrote this article in detail for you:┬á“Best things to do in Canterbury”


travel blogger