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I was for a long time thinking about the idea of writing about my travelling experiences, people I have met, places I have fallen in love with, etc

Travel Hunky Dory travelling blog- When did I come up with the idea of creating it?

The idea of creating a travel and Inspiration blog popped into my mind last year, when my thirstiness for travelling was unstoppable.

I had a normal job as a Catering Assistant at a reputable hospital in Canterbury UK, was finishing my Psychology degree and had plenty to do in my free time, yet I was not feeling pleased…

I did not enjoy life anymore as I used to, my degree was not attracting me anymore and my best friend died at a very young age from Cancer.

I was devastated.

Hence, I started to question a lot about what I was doing and what was the purpose of doing the things I was doing.

I did not find any answers but I knew I had to pursue my passion so I prepare and save money to do that.

Preparation time and travelling


I took a TEFL course, an online digital marketing course and I signed up for a couple of freelance websites work.

Although I prepared I make the mistake of inviting along my ex-partner at that time, lots of stress, I was the one blamed for running out of money.

Things like this happen and nonetheless, I learnt that you need to find someone who also shares your passions so I don’t regret anything.

I keep the nice memories from that month traveling.

Other valuable things, I realize what is the difference between work and a holiday or that not all volunteer opportunities out there contribute to a worthy cause such as the case of “Workaway”.

There are amazing nice memories that left me craving for more, for instance:

  • mixing with locals,
  • meeting other travellers
  • trying few words in the native language
  • feeling the joy of receiving help from a total stranger
  • talking to the nice waitress in the few German words I know
  • I was finally “living”
  • I felt alive, although there were moments I felt very stressed out, it was worth it.

If you are craving mentally for a little adventure, make it happen, you will one day say to yourself:  I damn made it! I am bloody awesome!

The reasons behind it

It was not until July this year when I decided to take seriously documenting my travels and I choose the niche: “sustainable and inspirational”.

I am very into meaningful yet conscious travel and living, it is part of who I am and my personality (is damn crazy but I live on my own terms and dance to the rhythm of my own drum!)

Making mistakes does not mean you are failing but the opposite, means you are living to the fullest.

By writing this blog I want to put into practice what Albert Einstein said:


Hopefully, I will be leaving a sort of legacy when I do no longer belong to this amazing world, I hope I am not hitting the bucket too soon lol!

Which topics will I be talking about?


  • Highlight the reality of  traveling

Travelling off-the-beaten-path is my favourite way of travelling.

I want to discover real cultures and real local people wherever I go, even sometimes I like to visit big cities like Copenhagen or Malaga in Spain.

That’s also another reason to offer the Canterbury tours and Pub crawl experience

  • Clarifying travelling vs working (being a digital nomad)

Most people misunderstand what means travelling and working, thinking that going travelling is the same as being on a holiday, let me tell you is NOT the same!

Read about “Digital nomad: Ali Meeham ” and how she started travelling and working, plus creating an amazing community of women in Spain.

Even if you see me with a good look, having a nice drink on my hand on my posts and social media channels I have bad days too and others like me, so I feel the need to unleash the truth behind it.

What I have realized is that most of the digital nomads are travelling sustainably and the common assumption that they move really fast is a myth, most of them stay 3-6 months in every location to immerse themselves in the culture and even learn the local customs and language.

To summarize, topics like travelling sustainable whilst being a Digital Nomad:

  •  How to travel whilst being sustainable
  •  Resources you can use such as websites, co-working spaces etc
  • Tips, advice, recommendations

I will contribute to a more sustainable way of traveling,  traveling more meaningfully, providing you with valuable information.


My plan is to tell you as well about the hassles on any trip I will do as talking as well about inspirational stories related to travel.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey, without you this travelling blog would not have a purpose to exist

Check the Canterbury tours and Pub crawl experience here.


Lots of love xx







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